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Field Service ClearWIN

Our Field Service ClearWIN Package, complete with a defined scope, is designed with you in mind, providing a seamless and efficient solution to transform your customer interactions.

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Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Our team of experts will swiftly deploy Field Service Lightning, including configuration of essential objects such as Work Orders, Service Appointments, and Work Order Line Items, while ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.


Configuration and Customization

We'll tailor Field Service Lightning to your specific business requirements, configuring objects and processes related to scheduling, dispatching, and inventory management.


Workforce Mobility

Enable your field service workforce with the Field Service Mobile App, configuring it to suit your organization's needs for real-time updates, asset management, and service documentation.


Dynamic Scheduling

Configure the Scheduling and Optimization objects within Field Service Lightning to streamline appointment scheduling, route optimization, and resource allocation.


Asset Management

Ensure your assets are efficiently tracked and maintained by configuring Asset and Product objects, empowering your team to provide proactive service.


Knowledge Management

Set up Knowledge articles and objects to provide field service technicians with instant access to critical information, improving first-time fix rates.


User Training and Documentation

Practical just-in-time training for your team, focusing on the configured objects and processes, along with ongoing support to maximize the benefits of Field Service Lightning.



Limited post deployment support and troubleshooting.

Let’s WIN Together

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