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Financial Services Cloud ClearWIN

Experience immediate improvements in efficiency, with reduced service response times and increased technician productivity. Enhance customer satisfaction through real-time updates and personalized service.


starts at $5,999 

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client's business processes and requirements. Identify key pain points, goals, and objectives for the Financial Services Cloud implementation.


Configuration and Customization

Our team will develop a tailored solution design based on your needs and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud best practices. Configure the system to align with the agreed-upon design, including data model setup, custom fields, and page layouts.


Households Set Up

Our team will configure Households to manage marketing campaigns and organize your clients into logical groups.


Contacts Set Up

We'll configure Contacts to help your team understand and track your clients' individual goals, objectives and timelines for success.


Manage Opportunities

Track and manage your team's progress as they develop sales opportunities for your institution. Have a clear view into your pipeline.


Financial Account Set Up

Configure Financial Accounts to track daily balances, NAV, asset class, and other information.


User Training and Documentation

Practical just-in-time training to help your team learn how to effectively use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.



Limited post deployment support and troubleshooting.

Let’s WIN

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