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Service Cloud 

Salesforce Service Cloud ClearWIN is to help businesses get up and running with their customer service implementation quickly and efficiently.

Starts at $5,999

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

 Salesforce experts work with your organization to understand your specific business needs, customer support processes, and objectives. They help identify the key requirements and configuration needed to tailor Service Cloud to your business.


Case Management

Service Cloud enables organizations to track and manage customer inquiries, issues, and requests through cases. The Quick Start Package includes the setup of case management with standard fields like case status, priority, case origin, etc.


E-Mail to Case

This feature allows customers to create cases by sending emails to a designated support email address. The Quick Start Package includes the setup of Email-to-Case functionality to streamline case creation.



The package typically includes some basic workflow and automation rules to streamline processes and automate certain tasks like assigning cases to agents, sending email notifications, etc.


Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Service Cloud provides robust reporting capabilities. The Quick Start Package may include pre-built reports and dashboards to help managers and agents gain insights into their service performance.


User Training and Documentation

Training materials and documentation to help your team learn how to effectively use Salesforce Service Cloud.



 Limited post deployment support and troubleshooting.

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