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Non Profit ClearWIN

Our Nonprofit Cloud ClearWIN program provides a structured approach to setting up Salesforce so that nonprofits can manage their donor relationships, track fundraising efforts, streamline volunteer management, and more. 

starts at $4,999

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Our consultants work with your nonprofit to understand your organization's specific goals, processes, and challenges. They help identify the areas where Salesforce can provide the most value and tailor the implementation accordingly.


Configuration and Customization

Salesforce is configured and customized to align with your nonprofit's requirements. This may involve creating custom fields, objects, and workflows to match your fundraising, donor management, program tracking, and reporting needs.


Donor Management and Fundraising

Salesforce allows nonprofits to track and manage donor information, communications, and donations.


Volunteer Management

Salesforce can help you efficiently manage volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and communication. This ensures that your volunteers are effectively engaged in your organization's activities.


Reports and Dashboards

Nonprofits can use Salesforce to track their programs, measure their impact, and generate reports to showcase their achievements to stakeholders and donors. Salesforce provides robust reporting capabilities. The Quick Start Package may include pre-built reports dashboards to gain insights into your fundraising efforts.


Data Migration and Integration

If you have existing data in spreadsheets, databases, or other systems, Salesforce consultants assist with migrating and integrating this data into your new Salesforce environment. This ensures a seamless transition and maintains historical records.


User Training and Documentation

Our team will provide training sessions for your nonprofit's staff to ensure they are comfortable using the platform. This can include both basic and advanced training, focusing on how to input data, run reports, and utilize Salesforce's nonprofit-specific features.



Limited post deployment support and troubleshooting.

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