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ClearWIN Packages - Lets Get the Party Started

Tools to Accelerate your Business or Organization 



Win more business through streamlining sales process. ClearWIN sets foundation for leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and includes training.

Tame those customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction with a Service Cloud ClearWIN.  Get your customers in one place for both sales and service to see a full picture of the customer experience.


Service Cloud

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Empower your team to focus on the relationships with your customers. This ClearWIN implements Households, Financial Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. 

Streamline your call center operations through this ClearWIN package. Implement Service Cloud Voice either BYOT or BYOA your choice.


Are you trying to manage a direct marketing, major gifts, grants and volunteer program through a variety of databases and spreadsheets? This ClearWIN is for you to create a 360 view of your constituents to help you focus on your mission.

Field Service

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Experience immediate improvements in efficiency, with reduced service response times and increased technician productivity. Enhance customer satisfaction through real-time updates and personalized service. 

Unlock a World of Winning with ClearWINS! 🌟 Don't miss out on the countless opportunities waiting for you! There is just too many to list! Contact us NOW and let's turn those possibilities into victories together! 🚀 #WinWithClearWINS

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