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Sales Cloud ClearWIN

Sales Cloud ClearWIN is a pre-configured implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud designed to help businesses get started quickly with their sales processes.

starts at $5,999

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Salesforce experts work with your organization to understand your specific business needs, sales processes, and objectives. They help identify the key requirements and configuration needed to tailor Sales Cloud to your business.


Preconfigured Objects and Fields

The package comes with prebuilt standard objects (like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities) and fields tailored to your industry or use case. Focusing on Lead and Opportunity Management Processes.


Automated Workflows

Workflows, processes, and automation rules can be set up to streamline common tasks, such as lead assignment, follow-ups, and notifications.


Email Templates

Pre-built email templates to streamline communication with prospects and customers.


Reports and Dashboards

Prebuilt reports and dashboards can provide immediate insights into your sales performance, pipeline, and key metrics.


Integration with Email and Calendars

Integration with email clients and calendars like Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace can help track communication and appointments directly within Salesforce.


User Training and Documentation

Practical just-in-time training to help your team learn how to effectively use Salesforce Sales Cloud.



 Limited post deployment support and troubleshooting.

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